Alicia Ferguson
Alicia Ferguson
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Human (Unenchanted)



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The Thirteenth Floor

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Jessie Cave


Alicia Ferguson is a geeky 17 year old receptionist at Psyke Games in Wyvern House.

Biography Edit

Alicia's first job after leaving school was a receptionist at Wyvern House due to an investigation she was making on the disappearances of people at the office block. She was often on the receiving end of Mrs Hatcher's bad temper.

After befriending Benny Sherwood who was also investigating the disappearances, Alicia soon found out about the world of Wizardkind and the Nekross species. She and Benny were held at gunpoint by Lexi, who was trying to find Varg, but were saved by Tom Clarke. Despite escaping with Benny, Tom was confronted by Lexi in the lift of the office block. However the two were instead transported to the thirteenth floor through a Neverway into the Neverside.

Alicia later helped battle and defeat Mervyn, the janitor of the office block, in reality a Troll, who was responsible for the numerous disappearances. The Thirteenth Floor