All Out War!
AOW Tom sun
Preceded by:
Endless Night
Followed by:
The Secret of Room 12
Story information
Series: 2
Story: 7
Air date: 09/12/13 (Part 1)

10/12/13 (Part 2)

Key crew
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Joss Agnew
Producer: Peter Bennett

All Out War! is the seventh and final story of the second series.

Synopsis Edit

Part One Edit

On the eve of war, Tom is visited by a wizard family who claim to have found the most powerful object on the planet – the Source of All Magic! But in the skies above, the Nekross are forced to take terrible action, as Kooth sets her evil plan in motion. By the end of this night, neither wizards nor aliens will ever be the same again.

Part Two Edit

Worlds collide as Earth becomes a battleground in an intergalactic war. With Ursula dying, Michael trapped, and Moon helpless, Tom and Benny must form a desperate alliance with Varg and Lexi to stop Kooth’s apocalyptic plan. As the countdown nears its end, can Tom become a hero like never before?

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