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Benny Jr.
Biographical information
Physical description

Human wizardkind

Hair color


Family information

Tom Clarke (father)
Lexi (mother)


Nekross King (maternal grandfather)
Michael Clarke (paternal grandfather)
Helen Clarke † (paternal grandmother)

Series information
First appearance

The Thirteenth Floor

Last appearance

All Out War!

Portrayed By

Ilan Galkoff


Benjamin Clarke, best known as Benny Jr., is the Wizard son of Tom Clarke and Lexi (aka Lucy), born when the pair were trapped in the Neverside.


Benny Jr. is seen to like playing football with his dad, and also likes hunting in the neverside forest. He also seems to have a close friendship with his uncle Varg's neverside form as a Satyr. A creature of the Neverside, he vanished when he was rescued by Ursula Crowe and Benny Sherwood, never having existed in the real world. He was soon forgotten by both Tom and Lexi. The Thirteenth Floor

Tom and Lexi continue to dream about Benny Jr and their time in the Neverside. With help from the Burnt Hill Stone Circle, the pair are able to remember what happened in the Neverside. Endless Night

When Lexi begins to die of Zanti Scale Contamination, Tom drinks raw magic from the Extractor. He becomes very powerful and changes Lexi into a human to save her. He then brings Benny Jr back into reality to begin a new life with Lexi's human form, Lucy. All Out War!