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Burnt Hill Stone Circle
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Type Magical Stone Circle
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

Burnt Hill Stone Circle, also known as the Gathering of Stones, is a circle of stones said to be older than Magic itself. Wizardkind have sometimes been to the stones to perform spells but the stones have been known to bargain with them. The stones are made out of lunar rock, and there is a large meteor buried beneath the hill.


Robert France and his son Mark were performing magic at the stone circle but it sent a signal up into space alerting the Nekross and resulting in them being captured. A few days later, Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood went there on a school trip to measure the stones before returning later to get up to the Zarantulus to rescue Tom's grandmother Ursula who like Robert and Mark had been taken by the Nekross for her magic. Dawn of the Nekross

In Fall of the Nekross, Tom makes a bargain with them by giving himself up so he could get Benny up to The Zarantulas but later Ursula throws a bottle filled with forgetful potion to make them forget their bargain and revive Tom. Fall of the Nekross

The most recent appearance of the stones was in Endless Night, where it is revealed that the stones can move the moon because they are made out of lunar rock. In the episode, Tom makes a deal with the stones so that they move the moon back into its regular orbit after it is affected by the Nekross. Endless Night

Behind the Scenes

  • The stones are voiced by Gabriel Woolf.