Caractacus Crowe
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Wizardkind, Human



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Magic, The Magic Line of Crowe

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Twilight Falls

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Chris Finney


Caractacus Crowe was a Wizard who saved Randal Moon from the Dragon of Moonfall Pass. Since that incident Randal has served Caracutacus's descendants the Magical Line of Crowe as the loyal guardian of the Chamber of Crowe.

It was Caractacus who trapped the daughters of a Neverside Witch named Old Bethesa in stone. The Daughters of Stone

Caractacus led an army in the Neverside Wars, in which Randal joined him. The Quantum Effect On the last day of the Neverside War, he came face to face with Warlock at Blackhawk Abbey where he and the other wizards of the Silver Dawn cast the Doorway of Long Shadows. On that day they defeated Warlock and created the Line Of Twilight.

With the last of his magic he formed the Chamber of Crowe with the Spell of Being as a safe haven for Randal Moon. He appeared as a Pale Shadow to Randal to warn him about the Key of Bones being used to free Warlock. After his descendant Tom Clarke defeats Warlock, Caractacus's Pale Shadow appears to congratulate him. Twilight Falls

Trivia Edit

  • Caractacus uses a staff with an ambure gem on top to perform magic. This staff is passed down throughout the generations and is now with Ursula.
  • Caractacus was Tom's childhood hero.

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Pale shadow of C.Crowe

the Pale Shadow of Caractacus Crowe