Chipo Jacana
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Wizardkind, Human

Family information

Bisme Jacana


Joseph Jacana

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All Out War!

Portrayed By

Nneka Okoye


Chipo Jacana is a Wizard daughter of Joseph Jacana and the older sister of Bisme Jacana.

Biography Edit

Chipo and her family arrived at Michael Clarke's house in search of Tom Clarke. Her psychic sister, Bisme, claimed to have found the Source of all Magic. After participating in a ritual, the Wizards obtained the Source...or so they thought. The real Source had been obtained earlier by Varg who had used the Voolox to take over the Jacana family. After setting up a clockwork bomb inside the fake Source, the Clarke household exploded, giving away their location to Varg. Chipo and her family were freed from the Voolox control but were taken aboard the Zarantulus as prisoners, probably to have their magic extracted, along with Tom. After drinking raw magic, Tom is able to return Chipo, her sister and father back to their home.All Out War!