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Chloe Martin
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unnamed parents

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100 Wizards

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Jessica Plummer


Chloe Martin was a wizard born in August 1996 to two unnamed parents.

Biography Edit

Chloe's parents died when she was little in a fire and grew up in care with no idea that she was a wizard. She began posting videos of her performing magic as Street Magician.

She was supposedly set to appear on Hex TV but it was in fact a Nekross plan to lure many other wizards into a trap in order to extract their magic. When Tom and Benny went to tell her what she really was, the Nekross revealed themselves and put their plan into action. However, working together Tom, Benny and Chloe were able to defeat the Nekross and save the other Wizards. Upon growing romantic feelings for Tom, she arranged a date with his for the following day.

Tragically, later that night, she was kidnapped by the Nekross and had her magic extracted, causing her to age into an old woman. Chloe is last seen watching Tom the following day where they had arranged to meet, before leaving with her guardian Mrs Meeks. 100 Wizards

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