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EMP cannon.png
EMP Cannon
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Type Weapon
Series Information
First Appearance 100 Wizards

The Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon - also known as the EMP Cannon - is a device made by Benny Sherwood. It fires an electromagnetic pulse which wipes out anything electrical, however it only fires one pulse at a time.


Benny Sherwood built the EMP Cannon in his shed by modifying the magnetron from an old microwave cooker and ramping up its resonance before making a few tweaks. 100 Wizards

Benny used the EMP Cannon to deactivate three Tracker Bots. 100 Wizards

Benny later used the EMP Cannon to blow the power in the Hex TV Studio. He dropped the device while making a haste to escape with Tom Clarke and Chloe Martin from the Nekross. Jathro was impressed with the device and congratulated Benny for it. 100 Wizards

In Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr, the EMP Cannon is used to deactivate Tracker Bots when the user takes Benny's form. Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr