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TCOMG Varg Extractor.jpg
General Information
Homeworld Nekron
Type Device
Leader (s) Nekross King
Evolution Status Technological
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

The Extractor was a Nekross device, stationed on the Zarantulus and used by the Nekross to extract Magic from individuals and then transport it into The Nekross King for it to be consumed and used later. The Nekross used this device on many planets where they found magical people. It is often operated by Varg, Lexi or Jathro.


Pulling magic from a person is painful and so reduced the person's lifespan. As the example of 12 year-old Mark France, the extractor aged the person inside critically, Mark was aged at least forty years. Dawn of the Nekross

A teenage Japanese wizard had her magic extracted, she was aged at least fifty years. Fall of the Nekross

The Nekross made several copies of Tom Clarke's mother Helen Clarke, one was seen getting her magic extracted, due to it being a clone, it disappeared completely after magic extraction. The Last Day

Chloe Martin was put in the Extractor and aged to become an old woman. 100 Wizards

Squiggley, a Hobbledehoy, was placed in the Extractor by Lexi and died due being made up entirely of magic, only leaving a skeleton. Vice Versa

When Randal Moon and Benny Sherwood were transported to the Zarantulus by Varg, Moon was placed in the Extractor but was able to escape using what Benny has taught him about science. Varg was then locked inside the Extractor, long enough for them to escape. The Cave of Menla-Gto

A number of Wizards were seen getting their magic extracted by the Nekross. The Curse of Crowe

Tom had his magic extracted, however thanks to Lexi getting him into sunlight, he was restored.