Eye of Bashtarr
Eye of Bashtarr
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Series Information
First Appearance Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr

The Eye of Bashtarr is an extremely powerful magical artifact. Linked directly to the Source, the Nekross would be able to drain the Source completely if they were to find the Eye. The Eye resides in the very heart of the Amber Mountains where it guarded by Tychran, protector of the caves.

History Edit

In Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr, two Wizards are found trying to find the eye. After saving the Wizards, the player is tasked with finding and preventing the Nekross from draining the Eye's Magic. The Eye is taken by Varg and held on the Zarantulus ready for extraction. Tom and Benny (controlled by the player) are sent to rescue the Eye ending with an encounter with the Nekross King. Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr

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