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Fall of the Nekross
Varg Benny.jpg
Story information
Series: 1
Story: 5
Air date: 26/10/12 (Part 1)
27/10/12 (Part 2)
Key crew
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Joss Agnew
Producer: Brian Minchin
Preceded by:
Friend or Foe
Followed by:
The Last Day

Fall of the Nekross is the fifth story of the first series of Wizards vs Aliens.


Part 1

Benny launches an attack on the Nekross ship. The schoolboy genius uses all the computers on Earth against the aliens, and the starship Zarantulus is stricken. But soon the plan runs out of control, with terrifying consequences for both wizards and aliens alike.

Part 2

Time is running out for the Nekross, while on Earth, the wizards fall apart – Ursula plans radical action against Benny, while Tom realises that the solution might lie with the ancient and mysterious Stones of Burnt Hill. But if helping Benny means saving his enemy, what choice will Tom make?



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