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Gemma Raven
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Human wizardkind



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Madeline Raven


Magical Line of Raven

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The Curse of Crowe

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Georgina Leonidas


Gemma Raven is a Wizard and the daughter of Madeline Raven of the Magical Line of Raven.


When Gemma and her mother are captured by the Nekross and prepared for extraction, Gemma bargains with them to save her mother, promising to cast a spell to break Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood's friendship up forever. Requiring a drop of Crowe blood, Gemma is teleported to Earth and takes a drop of blood from Ursula Crowe. Upon returning, Gemma casts the spell, against her mother's wishes, and erases the memories held by Tom and Benny of everything they achieved together.

Gemma and her mother are taken prisoners by the Nekross who plan to use her as their most powerful weapon against Wizardkind. However, when Tom and Benny become friends again, the Nekross presume Gemma attempted to trick them and place both Gemma and Madeline in the Extractor. Luckily, after driving the Chamber of Crowe onto The Zarantulus and the mother and daughter are saved by Tom and Benny. After using the drop of Crowe blood to revive Ursula who was turned into a Neverwas, Gemma apologises to the Wizards and agrees to use her powerful magic against the Nekross in the future. The Curse of Crowe


Gemma has been seen wearing heavy eyeliner and pink eyeshadow, and black lipstick giving her a gothic appearance.