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Grim Magic
General Information
Homeworld Earth, Neverside
Type Magic
Series Information
First Appearance Rebel Magic

Grim Magic is a dangerous type of Magic that can harm, hurt and destroy others. Unlike other magic, Grim Magic has been shown to be able to affect Nekross.

Known Users of Grim Magic


Jackson Hawke became addicted to using Grim Magic to make his life carefree including creating disappearing money to purchase gaming equipment. Using a banishing charm to transport Varg to Egypt, he felt unstoppable and encouraged an impressionable Tom Clarke to use the magic too to create money which disappeared, to get a pizza for free. Jackson also used it to put Benny Sherwood in a trance. However, as Randal Moon predicted, the magic began to feed on the pair of them and almost killed Jackson as he revealed he had used the magic to banish his parents, Julia Hawke and John Hawke. After escaping the Zarantulus, Jackson agreed to stop using it and went to find his parents. Rebel Magic

When conducting an experiment, Tom's angry emotions changed his spell into a Grim Magic which redirected and struck himself, causing him to be cused with the Devastation. The Cave of Menla-Gto