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The Last Day

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Jennifer Hennessy


This article is about Helen Clarke's clone to find out about the real person see Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke (clone) is a character in the Wizards vs Aliens episode The Last Day and is a clone of the late Wizard Helen Clarke.


Helen was created in a clone factory out of the DNA taken from the real Helen Clarke after she died fighting the Nekross probe known to wizards as The Entity. She was created along with the other Helen clones as part of the Nekross's Master Plan to turn Earth into a cloning factory so they can feed on Magic forever.

Sometime after she was created, Helen escaped from the factory and came across the real Helen's son Tom outside a local cinema then met him and his friend Benny Sherwood at a graveyard but she ran off when they spotted her. They later found her in an storage building and were able to lure her out,. Unaware of her status as a clone, the boys believed that she was a reborn version of real Helen and having no memories. Helen took the the boys to the cloning factory were they find the other clones and are caught by the Nekross who reveal their plan to them and then tried to kill Tom and Benny but are stopped when Helen casts a spell at them before escaping with the boys.

Tom then takes her to his home to "reunite" her with Michael and Ursula and is then given real Helen's magical bracelet by Randal Moon which gave her real Helen's memories. Later when watching Tom and Katie Lord with Michael she briefly fades and has him promise not to tell Tom. Later that day the group arrive at the factory but not wanting the others involved, Helen takes Ursula's magic and uses it to make a Wizard Wall to keep them in before entering the factory. Not wanting Helen to fight the Nekross alone, the others are able to get rid of the Wizard Wall by getting the factory's guard dog to give them Ursula's staff and go into the factory and find Helen with the Nekross who tell them that Helen is a clone and prepare to kill them but Helen casts a spell to destroy the cloning machine causing the Nekross to retreat but due to the destruction of the cloning machine Helen begins die and after saying goodbye to Tom she leaves.