Jackson Hawke
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Dark brown

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Julia Hawke (Mother)
John Hawke (father)


Grim Magic (formerly), Magic

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Rebel Magic

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Andy Rush

"Now that's magic."

—Jackson Hawke, Rebel Magic

Jackson Hawke is a cool, confident and powerful teenage Wizard, who dabbled in dangerous, forbidden Grim Magic. He befriended Tom Clarke and convinced him to also practice Grim magic but soon learnt that it comes with a price…

Biography Edit

Jackson was born sometime in 1995 to wizards Julia and John. One Christmas Julia and John got into an argument with Jackson over a school letter he hid, and this caused him to lose control of his magic and cast a banishing spell on his parents, making them vanish. After this incident Jackson left school and got used to living on his own without anyone to tell him what to do.

He is first seen in the series casting a banishing spell on Varg and some Nekross Guards sending them to Egypt. He then meets Tom Clarke after saving him from a group of muggers. Jackson tried to convince Tom that having Magic meant that they could do anything they wanted, and this caused a strain between Tom and his friend Benny Sherwood, who thought Tom performing Grim Magic was wrong. After another encounter with Varg, Jackson used a hypnosis spell on Benny to make him fall in a trance and think it was morning.

The three boys are then taken to The Zarantulus, where Jackson reveals to everyone what happened to his parents and prepares to shoot The Nekross King, but Tom convinces him not to. Jackson then uses his magic to take him, Tom and Benny back to Earth causing him to pass out. He is last seen leaving Tom's house saying that he needs to find his parents, and then takes a star-shaped Christmas tree topper out of his pocket and casts a spell which causes him to fade away. Rebel Magic

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  • Jackson is the first wizard in the series to have two magical parents.

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