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Jasmine James
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Human (Unenchanted)



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unknown siblings


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Tom Clarke

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Twilight Falls

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Simona Brown


Jasmine "Jazz" James is an Unenchanted girl who becomes involved with Tom Clarke and his war against the Nekross. Jazz is athletic, competitive, feisty and flirtatious and is not afraid to speak her mind.


Jazz is first seen is on a football team that competed against the team Tom Clarke and Quinn Christopher are on and helped her team win much to the two boys dismay. She later runs into Tom when he goes to look for Randal Moon and ends up making her mute when she gets to annoying but tells her that her voice will return soon. Just then they are beamed up to the Zarantulus by Varg who ends up having to tell Jazz that Tom is a Wizard which Jazz takes rather calmly. Just as Varg reveals to Tom that his wife Lyzera is planning to release Warlock, Lyzera arrives and has the guards seize Varg but Jazz and Tom are able to escape by the teleport and end up back on Earth outside Blackhawk Abbey. They hear Lyzera telling the guards to find the two whilst she and Varg go off to the abbey where the Doorway of Long Shadows is in order to summon Warlock. The two then meet up with Randal Moon (disguised as a human) along with some of the abbey's monks who take them to the doorway just before Lyzera and Varg arrive where Lyzera uses magic to make the monks disappear and uses her cloned Key of Bones to bring Warlock to the Dayside.

Tom, with Jazz's help, is able to put Warlock back through the doorway but he tells them that he can still enter the Dayside via the Chamber of Crowe since Randal left it. Jazz along with Tom and Randal are then taken by Lyzera and Varg to the Zarantulus and are put in prison cells. Luckily Jazz uses her trainer to hit the control pad which opens the cells and they escape and reach the control room which Randal turns into the Sorceress Zone. Lyzera arrives and prepares to turn Jazz into beetroo bugs for Eelix but Tom tells her to leave Jazz alone. When Eelix tells Lyzera that Tom has one spell left, she tells him to choose between saving Jazz or the world. But Tom takes the magic from Lyzera's orb and uses it to take him, Jazz and Randal back to Earth. She, Tom and Randal then arrive at in the Chamber of Crowe and see that Warlock is there. Tom then makes a tear appear that sends Warlock back to the Neverside and then he Jazz and Randal go after him. When they get there, Warlock starts to use Tom's magic against him but is distracted by Jazz. Tom is able to get Warlock's attention again and ends up getting his Magic used against him again, but Tom is able to fight back and destroy Warlock by using a combination of Magic and Science. After this, Jazz returns to the Dayside with Tom and Randal. Twilight Falls


Jazz is athletic, competitive, feisty and flirtatious with a winning determination. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. She is an avid footballer and proved herself to be ambitious, competitive and bold on the pitch.


  • Jazz was intended to become a new regular character in Series 4, however Wizards vs Aliens was placed on hiatus due to budget.