Joseph Jacana
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Wizardkind, Human



Family information

Chipo Jacana
Bisme Jacana

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All Out War!

Portrayed By

Terence Maynard


Joseph Jacana is the Wizard father of Chipo and Bisme Jacana.

Biography Edit

Joseph and his two daughters arrive at Michael Clarke's house in search of Tom Clarke, Bisme, a psychic, claims to have found the Source of all Magic. After convincing the Wizards to help them gain possession of the Source, the Wizards perform a Summoning charm to transport the Source, from Peru, to the household.

It is soon revealed, however, that Joseph and his daughters, having previously been captured by Varg, have been taken over by the Voolox. The Source is then revealed to be a fake with a clockwork bomb implanted in it by Varg. When the bomb explodes, the Voolox is damaged and Joseph and his daughters return to normal. The family are taken aboard the Zarantulus and held prisoners by the Nekross, probably to have their magic extracted, along with Tom. Later after drinking raw magic, Tom is able to return Joseph and his daughters back to their home. All Out War!