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Biographical information

Sister, Daughter
Lucy (human disguise)


Tom Clarke (Neverside)



Physical description

Human (Formerly Nekross)



Eye color


Family information

Benny Jr


Varg (Brother)


The Nekross King (Father)




Nekross race

Series information
First appearance

Dawn of the Nekross

Last appearance

All Out War!

Portrayed By

Gwendoline Christie

"Tom Clarke is no friend of mine - I'll cut him down like any other Wizard, you will see."

Lexi, Fall of the Nekross

Lexi is the 17 year old daughter of The Nekross King and the younger sister of Varg, a member of the Nekross race, the Princess of Nekron. The smarter of the Nekross King's halflings, Lexi is an excellent strategist and has a great interest in Humans, perhaps greater than her father or brother would have liked...


Lexi was born on the planet Nekron to The Nekross King and a unknown female Nekross who already had a son Varg. Throughout her life Lexi travelled with her brother, father and fellow Nekross around the universe to find anything and anyone connected to Magic. Sometime in 2012 the Nekross travelled to Earth after tracking magic there and they abduct two wizards Robert France and his son Mark who were performing magic at The Gathering of Stones and extract magic out of Mark turning him into an old man. But Lexi along with the other Nekross were defeated by Tom Clarke, his father Michael and Benny Sherwood who had come aboard the Nekross's ship to save Tom's grandmother Ursula who like Robert and Mark had been taken by the Nekross to extract her magic. Dawn of the Nekross

Sometime later Lexi disguised herself as a human football scout called "Lucy" to earn Tom's trust so he could led her to his house but these plans were halted when they were both taken hostage by a sinister businesswoman named Stephanie Gaunt who planned to get them to get the Crown Jewels for her. This incident forced Tom and Lexi to team up to escape after which they bid farewell and she takes Gaunt with her back to The Zaratulus and has her fed to the Skorpulus. Friend or Foe

After Benny sends a virus to the Zarantulus, Lexi sends a message to Tom begging him to help, Benny teleports to the ship and stops the virus, but after thanking him for saving him the Nekross turn on him and prepare to feed him to the Skorpulus but he teleports back to Earth. Fall of the Nekross

Lexi then takes part in the Nekross Master Plan to turn Earth into a cloning factory after using the DNA of taken from Helen Clarke when she died saving Tom from a Nekross probe known as The Entity to make clones of her, but one of the clones escapes before returning later with Tom, Benny, Michael and Ursula to fight them. After the Helen clone destroys the cloning machine the Nekross begin to flee and Lexi warns the group that they are too late to stop them as a signal as been sent to start the plan before she and Varg teleport back to The Zarantulus but the signal is stopped by Tom and Helen's Pale Shadow. Lexi is last seen back on the ship witnessing her father declare war on the Wizards. The Last Day

Lexi is the seen on The Zarantulus along with the other Nekross attempting to capture Meg, Emma and their mother but this plan was foiled by Tom and Benny. She then seen watching Chloe Martin performing magic to a group of people. It was then revealed that she along with Varg took part in the HEX TV performance and managed to lure 100 Wizards who came to watch Chloe's perform and plan to extract magic out of them. 100 Wizards

Lexi is seen on The Zarantulus where she is seen with a now magical Varg and later tells him about a Nekross named Prince Nathlion who like Varg was cursed with magic and had it sucked out of him by his sisters. She is later seen where on her orders she has Jathro extract Squiggley killing him. She is later seen telling the King that Varg has been corrupted by Magic and later manages to convince the King to have Varg captured and put in the Extractor. She is later seen with two Nekross guards to try and get at Varg but he is teleported to Earth. She is last seen apologising to Varg for trying to get him extracted. Vice Versa

Lexi ended up trapped in the Neverside with Tom after investigating the disappearance of her brother at Wyvern House. With time running faster than the normal world, 20 years passed in which the now human Lexi grew closer to Tom, resulting in her bearing a child, Benny Jr.

However when they left the Neverside with help from Benny and Ursula they returned to the state they were in before and consequently Benny Jr vanished because he was part of the Neverside.

The time she spent in the Neverside with Tom would eventually fade away and become like a dream, like it never even happened. The Thirteenth Floor

Despite this, Lexi still had dreams about her son which made her start to question her loyalty. Endless Night

Lexi and Varg are pitted against each other by Chancellor Kooth to see which will capture Tom and that the loser would be eaten alive by the King. After Varg is successful in capturing Tom and placing him in The Extractor, Lexi reveals to the King that Tom is her friend and is disowned by her father. After Tom is extracted, Kooth (having betrayed the King) launches an attack on the Zarantulus, so Lexi in order to stop the attack takes Tom to a window on the ship so the Sun can give him back Magic but on the way there, she gets Zanti Scale Contamination when trying to save Tom and shares an emotional farewell with her brother and father. After taking the salute, he saves her by changing her into a human (as Lucy) and sends her to Earth. He then brings back Benny Jr to ensure Lexi will be happy on Earth. All Out War!

Though Tom saved Lexi's life by turning her into a human, Varg saw it as an insult to the Nekross and planned to find his sister by searching Earth for her.


Lexi has brownish gold skin with blue eyes, two antenna with an eye and mouth on them. She wears dark blue armor with curved shoulder pads.

Human Appearance

Lexi's Human disguise is called Lucy which she used to trick Tom. Lucy has Short blonde hair and wore sporting clothing althought she has also worn trousers and a salmon top with a necklace.


  • Lexi was the only female Nekross to appear in the series until the arrival of Chancellor Kooth and Lady Lyzera.