Madeline Raven
Madeline Raven
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Human, Wizardkind



Family information

Gemma Raven

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The Curse of Crowe

Portrayed By

Josie Lawrence


Madeline Raven is a Wizard and the mother of Gemma Raven.

Biography Edit

When Madeline and her daughter are captured by Nekross and taken aboard The Zarantulus, Gemma makes a bargain with the Nekross in order to save Madelin from being extracted. She promises to break Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood's friendship to prevent them from opposing the Nekross. Although Madeline warns her daughter not to do it, the spell is cast, leaving a curse on the Magical Line of Crowe which will result in Ursula Crowe turning into the Neverwas if Tom and Benny ever remember their friendship.

Madeline and her daughter are later rescued from the Zarantulus by Tom and Benny, now friends again. Madeline defends her daughter and tells the duo that she only cast the spell to save her. The Curse of Crowe