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Michael Clarke
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Helen Clarke



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Human (Unenchanted)



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Grey (formerly Black)

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Tom Clarke




Magical Line of Crowe

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Dawn of the Nekross

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Twilight Falls

Portrayed By

Michael Higgs

"It's like I'm always telling Tom - magic is all well and good, but a man still needs to be practical."

Michael Clarke, 100 Wizards

Michael Clarke (born 1970) is the Unenchanted father of Tom Clarke, husband of the late Helen Clarke and son-in-law of Ursula Crowe. With the Nekross's intentions of draining all magic on Earth, Michael stands at Tom's side, giving him fatherly advice and keeping his feet on the ground.


Michael was born sometime in 1970 to two unknown Unenchanteds. Some years later he met and fell in love with a wizard named Helen Crowe whom he eventually married and in 1996 had a son, Tom, who inherited Helen's magic powers. Ten years later in 2006, Michael became widowed when Helen died protecting Tom from a Entity (which was really a Nekross probe searching for Magic) on Halloween night.

Meeting the Nekross

Six years later in 2012, when Ursula was captured by the Nekross, Tom and Benny set to work in the Chamber of Crowe with Randal Moon trying to find her. Michael arrives home to find the door to the chamber open. He enters in time to see Tom and Benny get transported to the Burnt Hill Stone Circle. Michael questions Moon before taking an Egg of Brimstone and leaving. Michael then drives to the stone circle, only to be teleported (with the car) with Tom and Benny to the Zarantulus. Michael, Tom and Benny then meet the Nekross and are taken before Nekross King. Michael throws the Egg of Brimstone, giving them the chance to free Ursula from the Extractor and rescue Robert and Mark France. Michael then drives the car, which Tom protected with an enchantment, out of the Zarantulus and back to the stone circle on Earth. There Michael stands with Tom, Benny and Ursula as they decide it's wizards vs aliens. Dawn of the Nekross

Since then, Michael has fought beside Tom, Benny and Ursula against the Nekross.

Against Jackson Hawke

Michael is angry when he finds out Tom has been using magic to do his homework. He instructs Tom to come straight home after school to talk with him which leaves Tom frustrated. When Tom does not answer his calls or return home, Michael is worried. Benny arrives at the Clarke house with his mind reversed by 12 hours, he is taken into the Chamber of Crowe and is cured of the Grim Magic and reveals that Tom is with Jackson Hawke. Michael drives them to Jackson's house in time to see Benny, Tom and Jackson get teleported to the Zarantulus. He is relieved when the three return. Rebel Magic

Saving 100 Wizards

When 100 wizards gathered to help save Chloe Martin, Michael was trapped with Ursula and all the other wizards waiting for the Nekross to extract their Magic. Michael asked Nathaniel Nightjar to magic up a crowbar, allowing him to sabotage the Extractor. 100 Wizards