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Mrs Meeks
Biographical information
Physical description

Human (Unenchanted)



Hair color


Eye color


Family information

Chloe Martin

Series information

100 Wizards

Portrayed By

Jodie Prenger


Mrs Meeks is the guardian of Chloe Martin and many other children at a children's home called Sliver Woods House.


Mrs Meeks is seen trying to get the paparazzi to leave and then goes into the house with a man named Rick Towers (who is actually Varg in disguise) and sees Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood with Chloe and asks who they are to which Chloe says that they are her friends. She is later seen with Chloe in her dressing room at Channel Hex studios and when Tom and Benny come in she goes off to find security only to walk in on the Nekross who are planning to extract Magic from the 100 wizards in the studio Chloe is supposed to perform in. She is seen coming out of the Channel Hex building and asks Benny about the Nekross who he says were actors for the show and later talks with Chloe in her room at the children's home just moments before Varg arrives and takes Chloe to The Zarantulus to be extracted of her magic. She is last seen taking a now aged Chloe home who was watching Tom (who was meant to go on a date with Chloe before the Nekross extracted her) leave with Benny. 100 Wizards