S2E1P2 Nathaniel
Nathaniel Nightjar
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Wizardkind, Human



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100 Wizards

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Cyril Nri


Friendly Nathaniel Nightjar is a Wizard, who works alongside the stubborn Miranda Fisher.

Biography Edit

Nathaniel was one of the one hundred Wizards, who planned to prevent Chloe Martin from showing off her Magic live on TV. However, the whole broadcast idea was revealed to be a trap mastered by the Nekross, who rigged the studio so as to extract the magic from the Wizards. Nathaniel, alongside his friend Miranda, worked with Ursula Crowe and Michael Clarke to try and escape the studio. Nathaniel helped Michael to deactivate the Extractor in the studio by summoning a crowbar. However when Varg and Lexi entered the studio, Nathaniel became frightened. He attempted to bargain with the Nekross, offering to take them to the Neverside in return for the protection of all Wizards. However, Ursula turned him into a rat, against the idea of the gambling with the lives of the creatures in the Neverside.

After the Nekross were defeated, Nathaniel was returned to normal form, He thanked Ursula and regretted what he had tried to do. He told Ursula to keep in contact, before leaving with Miranda. 100 Wizards

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