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General Information
Homeworld Neverside
Type Wizardkind
Series Information
Notable Individuals Ursula Crowe (temporarily)
First Appearance The Curse of Crowe

"Never treading the living path.
Never tasting the joys of life.
Never feeling another’s touch.
Forever walking adrift, alone, unloved."

Randal Moon, The Curse of Crowe

The Neverwas are Wizards who are not able to touch anyone, walk among the mortal world, never taste the joys of life, who are cursed to live alone and unloved. The entire magical line of a Wizard who becomes a Neverwas are outcast and shunned by Wizardkind.


The Neverwas are smoke-like creatures that have the shape of a face, with indents which resemble eye sockets and and a mouth. The Curse of Crowe

Ursula Crowe temporarily became a Neverwas after Gemma Raven cursed her bloodline to destroy Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood's friendship. When the boys became began to remember their friendship, Ursula transformed into a Neverwas to Randal Moon's horror but was restored when Tom and Benny obtained her blood from the Zarantulus and Gemma gave it back to her and reversed her spell. The Curse of Crowe