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Passing charm.png
Passing Charm
General Information
Homeworld Earth, Neverside
Type Magic
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

The Passing Charm is a form of magic that allows wizards and witches to teleport. The spell was unique as it could be conjured even if three spells had been used by the individual.


Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood used a Passing Spell created by Randal Moon in order to rescue Ursula from the Zarantulus. However, because of the ships anti-magic shields, they rebounded and landed in the gathering of stones at Burnt Hill Stone Circle. Dawn of the Nekross

Randal Moon later used a Passing Charm to transport Tom, Ursula and Michael Clarke to Tibet to find a cure for Tom. The Cave of Menla-Gto

In the game Puzzle Peril, the first chapter revolves around gathering the ingredients to make a Passing Charm in order to rescue Ursula Crowe. Puzzle Peril


A Passing Charm can also be made with the following components:

Passing charm recipe.png