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Quinn Christopher
Biographical information

Quinnster (by Benny)

Physical description

Human (Unenchanted)



Hair color


Eye color


Family information

unnamed father
unnamed mother





Series information
First appearance

Dawn of the Nekross

Last appearance

Twilight Falls

Portrayed By

Connor Scarlett

"Fancy a game?"

Quinn Christopher to Benny Sherwood, Vice Versa

Quinn Christopher is an Unenchanted student at King's Park High along with Tom Clarke, Katie Lord and Benny Sherwood. A keen footballer, he is a close friend of Tom's, having known him since they were little.


Quinn's father was a newspaper photographer but died when he was younger, leaving Quinn all of his old cameras and lenses. Because of this, Quinn had a secret interest in photography and hoped to become a newpaper photographer himself one day, and follow in his dad's footsteps. Endless Night He became friends with Tom Clarke at a young age, with the pair spending much of their time playing football together. Dawn of the Nekross

At secondary school, Quinn often picked on Benny Sherwood and did so on their trip to the Gathering of Stones because Benny wouldn't stop talking about science. He worked with Katie Lord when doing measurements of a particular stone. Dawn of the Nekross

Quinn was disappointed with Tom when he began to spend more time with Benny, a known geek. He pointed out that Tom was changing. Grazlax Attacks Quinn soon began to avoid Tom during class and asked Moose to sit next to him instead of Tom, because he believed that he changed too much and was hanging around with Benny. Rebel Magic

Quinn was at the park playing football with Tom when Lexi, disguised as Lucy, came to talk to Tom. Friend Or Foe

Quinn is seen in the school playground where kicks his football at Benny who passes it back to him. Due to having Tom's magic powers Benny then uses them to make Quinn's shoelaces tie together causing him to fall over. He gets up and is shown to be impressed by Benny's football skills asking Tom if he has been coaching him before inviting Benny come to a five-aside match to which he accepts. He is later seen at the match with Benny and the rest of the team where he congratulates Benny on scoring before encouraging him to help the team win. He later rushes over to Benny who collapses after his intelligence returns (due to Stickley reversing Squiggley's enchantment) and Quinn reveals that he won them the match. Vice Versa

Quinn mentioned by Tseringma as one of the people closest to Tom. The Cave of Menla-Gto

Quinn grows to become friends with Benny. He helps Benny remember that Tom is his friend when Benny and Tom's friendship is broken by Gemma Raven. The Curse of Crowe

Quinn begins to become good friends with Benny when they both start talking about telescopes and lenses. Quinn later apologises to Benny for always making fun of him. Endless Night

Quinn is sent to Room 12 by Mr. Fisher and is recruited by The Prospector. A now controlled Quinn tries to get Tom and Katie to go to Room 12 as well but is only successful at getting Katie as Tom leaves with Benny after he traces aliens activity. He along with the other students, teachers and Michael Clarke are connected to a machine by the Prospector to "drill" out Earth's core. Ursula Crowe is able to lure the Prospector away and Tom and Benny are able to deactivate the machine and frees Quinn and the others before Ursula uses a Passing Charm to get them out of Room 12. Following the destruction of the Prospector's base, Quinn along with the other students return to normal and are confused to why they are outside to which they are told that the fire alarm went off. The Secret of Room 12



  • According to his profile on the official CBBC website, Quinn has been friends with Tom since they were little.