Rebel Magic
Rebel Magic
Preceded by:
Grazlax Attacks
Followed by:
Friend Or Foe
Story information
Series: 1
Story: 3
Air date: 12/10/12 (Part 1)
13/10/12 (Part 2)
Key crew
Writer: Joseph Lidster
Director: Griff Rowland
Producer: Brian Minchin

Rebel Magic is the third story of the first series.


Part 1Edit

When Tom meets another wizard called Jackson Hawke, he can’t resist dabbling in dangerous magic. Benny tries to warn him, to no avail, but all three lads are unaware of the Nekross getting closer and closer – and this time, alien Prince Varg is determined to make it personal.

Part 2Edit

Tom and Jackson take the fight to the Nekross, but their forbidden Grim Magic is taking its toll on Tom. Only Benny can help his best friend – but he’s been enchanted. Michael and Ursula fight to reach Tom in time, but dawn is rising, and the final confrontation is about to begin. . .