Richard Sherwood
Richard Sherwood
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Tricia Sherwood

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Benny Sherwood

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Grazlax Attacks

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Endless Night

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Don Gilet


Richard Sherwood is the caring father of Benny Sherwood and the husband of Tricia Sherwood.

Biography Edit

When Richard was younger, his father (Benny's grandad) would look at the stars with a telescope that his father built. However, his father grew ill and developed problems, often rejecting his son and watching the stars on his own. Endless Night

Richard met Tom Clarke when he came round to Benny's house. When a Grazlax arrived and attacked the duo, Tom cast a spell to give Richard and his wife Tricia the idea that Benny's uncle was in need of them. Grazlax Attacks

On the day of the lunar eclipse, Richard helped Benny take his telescope to school. When the Nekross moved the moon closer to Earth, Richard and his wife panicked and planned to live in the basement until the eclipse ended. Endless Night