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Series 2
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Series information
Stories: 7 (14 episodes)
Original run: 28/10/2013 -
Key Crew
Director(s): Beryl Richards
Mark Everest
Paul Murphy
Joss Agnew
Producer(s): Peter Bennett
Preceded by:
Series 1
Followed by:
Series 3

Series 2 of Wizards vs Aliens premiered on 28th October 2013 and ended on the 10th December 2013. The series consisted of 14 episodes (7 stories), making it the longest series to date. An exclusive behind the scenes webisode series, Behind the Magic, was released on the official CBBC website ahead of the series launch, providing interviews and backstage secrets.


Tom and Benny return as they step up their battle against the Nekross who threaten the future of all Wizardkind. The friendship between the boys is tested to its very core as they embark on dangerous new adventures, and relationships old and new are formed in this action-packed second series.

As the battle continues, Tom and Benny help new wizard Chloe Martin, get mixed up in the magic of the mischievous Hobbledehoy, travel to Menla-Gto in the Himalayas, and discover the secret of the mysterious floor 13 in Wyvern House. It's Wizards vs Aliens and the Wizards are in for their wildest ride yet!

Main Cast

Episode Guide

Story no. Episode no. Title

Air Date

1 01
100 Wizards 28th October 2013
29th October 2013
Tom and chloe.png
2 03
Vice Versa 4th November 2013
5th November 2013
Vice Versa.jpg
3 05
The Cave of Menla-Gto 11th November 2013
12th November 2013
The Cave of Menla-Gto.jpg
4 07
The Curse of Crowe 18th November 2013
19th November 2013
Curse of Crowe.png
5 09
The Thirteenth Floor 25th November 2013
26th November 2013
TTF Tom Lexi.jpg
6 11
Endless Night 2nd December 2013
3rd December 2013
EN Benny Tom Katie Quinn.jpg
7 13
All Out War! 9th December 2013
10th December 2013
Tom powerful.png

Webisode Guide

In addition to the series, the Behind the Magic mini-series was released on the official CBBC website on 29th September 2013, a few weeks before the launch of the series, providing backstage secrets and filming facts with each webisode interviewing a different member of the main cast.

Webisode no. Title

Release Date

1 Behind the Magic with Chris Johnson 29th September 2013
2 Behind the Magic with Michael Higgs 29th September 2013
3 Behind the Magic with Percelle Ascott 29th September 2013
4 Behind the Magic with Scott Haran 29th September 2013
5 Behind the Magic with Dan Starkey 29th September 2013
6 Behind the Magic with Annette Badland 29th September 2013