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Series 3
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Series information
Stories: 5 (10 episodes)
Original run: 27/10/2014 -
Key Crew
Director(s): Mark Everest
Lee Haven Jones
Producer(s): Nikki Wilson
Derek Ritchie
Preceded by:
Series 2
Followed by:

Series 3 of Wizards vs Aliens began airing on the 27th October 2014 and ended on the 25th November 2014. The series consisted of 10 episodes (5 stories) making it the shortest series to date. It is the final series of the show after it was placed on hiatus by the BBC due to its expensive cost. To accompany this series, two mini-series were released on the CBBC website, Varg's Vidcast and Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside.


The Nekross are back - but this time their plans threaten to release an ancient evil that could overwhelm Wizard and Alien alike. It's up to Tom, Benny and friends old and new to stop them.

Main Cast

Episode Guide

Story no. Episode no. Title

Air Date

1 01
The Secret of Room 12 27th October 2014
Secret of Room 12.jpg
2 03
The Quantum Effect 3rd November 2014
4th November 2014
Quantum Effect promo.jpg
3 05
The Daughters of Stone 10th November 2014
11th November 2014
Daughters stone.jpg
4 07
The Key of Bones 17th November 2014
18th November 2014
Key Bones promo.jpeg
5 09
Twilight Falls 24th November 2014
25th November 2014
Twilight Falls promo.jpg

Webisode Guide

Five exclusive online webisodes were released on the official CBBC website as the series aired. Three of which made up the mini-series Varg's Vidcast, and the other two made up the mini-series Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside.

Varg's Vidcast

Webisode no. Title

Release Date

1 Devious Dangers 27th October 2014
2 Humanity 11th November 2014
3 Triumphant Tidings 23rd November 2014

Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside

Webisode no. Title

Release Date

1 Part 1 4th November 2014
2 Part 2 18th November 2014



  • The BBC originally announced that this series would air partly in 2015. However, this was later proven not to be the case and it aired entirely in Autumn 2014.