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The Skorpulus was a dangerous creature and pet of The Nekross King. It was often fed failed Nekross or Unenchanted enemies. The entrance to the pit leads down a long shaft and into a small room followed by the a door to the Skorpulus's quarters. It is unknown what the creature itself looked like, but it was seen to have glowing red eyes. The entrance can be seen in front of The Nekross King with smoke pouring out of it.

Biography Edit

Varg was nearly fed to the Skorpulus for failing to capture Jackson Hawke but Lexi was able to convince the Nekross King not to. Rebel Magic

Stephanie Gaunt was fed to the Skorpulus for capturing Lexi. Friend or Foe

Guard Zeta-Graal 5 was fed to the Skorpulus after failing to capture Tom Clarke, Benny Sherwood, Meg, Emma and Meg and Emma's mother after a Tracker-bot malfunction caused by Benny. 100 Wizards

Benny Sherwood was thrown into the Skorpulus pit by Varg. Benny fell down a long shaft and into a small room where the Skorpulus was kept. Benny escaped through a hole in the wall caused by a blast from one of Kooth's ships. All Out War!

The Skorpulus was revealed to have died at some point, following the events of All Out War!. Triumphant Tidings

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