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The Wizards vs Aliens soundtrack was composed by Dan and Sam Watts. Although the music has not been officially released in a commercial format, both composers have released a number of tracks independently on their official websites, SoundCloud pages and other media platforms for showreel purposes. Other unreleased tracks have been available to listen to through game segments.

Released Track List

The following tracks were all released by the composers on their websites.

Track Title Plays in
1 Wizards vs Aliens Title Theme All episodes
2 The Magic Extractor Dawn of the Nekross
3 Randal Moon, Hobgoblin Dawn of the Nekross
4 Sunrise on the Zarantulus Dawn of the Nekross
5 Tom the Hero Dawn of the Nekross
6 Tom's Robes/Spell Casting Grazlax Attacks
7 Grazlaa Grazlax Attacks
8 Sonic Weapon, Battle Mode Grazlax Attacks
9 Jackson Hawke Rebel Magic
10 Jackson Hawke Demo Rebel Magic
11 The Nekross Master Plan The Last Day
12 100 Wizards 100 Wizards
13 Tom's Lost his Magic Vice Versa
14 Ursula Can't Go On The Cave of Menla-Gto
15 Saviour and Destroyer The Cave of Menla-Gto
16 A Friendship Lost The Curse of Crowe
17 Moon's Sea Shanty The Curse of Crowe
18 Child of the Neverside The Thirteenth Floor
19 We Don't Talk Like That Anymore Endless Night
20 Palace of Shadows The Secret of Room 12
21 Goodbye Benny The Quantum Effect
22 The Wizard Light The Daughters of Stone
23 Lost In Incantation The Daughters of Stone
24 Simeon's Dreamworld The Key of Bones
25 The Key of Bones The Key of Bones
26 The Quest Master The Key of Bones
27 Caractacus vs Warlock Twilight Falls
28 Another Universe of Magic Twilight Falls
29 Enjoy It While You Can, Warlock Twilight Falls
30 Caractacus Crowe Twilight Falls

Unreleased Track List

Most of the other incidental music and thematic cues remain unreleased. The following is an unofficial list of different cues from the show that have become available to listen to through games or through music showreels.

Track Nickname Plays in
1 Tom's Theme (Excerpt) Dawn of the Nekross
2 Benny Finds a Magic Ring Dawn of the Nekross
3 Tom vs the Voolox Dawn of the Nekross
4 Escaping the Zarantulus Dawn of the Nekross
5 Tom's Out of Favour Rebel Magic
6 Benny's Theme (Excerpt) Rebel Magic
7 A Look from Lexi (Excerpt) Rebel Magic
8 We're in Charge Rebel Magic
9 Are You a Chicken? Rebel Magic
10 Summoning a Storm 100 Wizards
11 Faith The Cave of Menla-Gto
12 Retrieving Crowe Blood The Curse of Crowe
13 Reputation for People Going Missing The Thirteenth Floor
14 The Nekross Have Won Endless Night
15 The Skorpulus Awaits All Out War!
16 Opening the Chamber The Secret of Room 12
17 Jathro Takes the Flash Drive The Quantum Effect
18 Simeon of the Magical Line of Swann The Key of Bones
19 Wizards vs Aliens Credits Theme All episodes

Unused Music

Many themes were written by Dan and Sam Watts for the series but ultimately were not used in the final episodes.

Title Composed by
Alien Theme Idea Dan Watts