Stephanie Gaunt
Stephanie Gaunt
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Human (Unenchanted)



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Friend Or Foe

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Ruthie Henshall

Gaunt Thinking

Gaunt thinking of universal domination.

Stephanie Gaunt was an Unenchanted woman who owned a high-tech company called Gaunt Technologies and wanted to use Magic to rule the universe. She has her employee Adams capture Tom Clarke and Lexi (in her human form Lucy) and when she discovered that Lexi was an alien, she planned to use Tom's magic and Lexi's Nekross technology to rule the universe. Stephanie then tried to get the two to teleport the Crown Jewels to her but they tricked her and escaped. Varg, at the same time, had tricked her guards by pretending to be Stephanie herself.
Varg as Stepahnie Gaunt

Stephanie being impersonated by Varg in order to trick the guards.

  It is seen at the end of the episode that Lexi took Stephanie with her back to The Zarantulus. There she meets The Nekross King and tries to convince him to ally with her but this offer is refused and she is fed to the Skorpulus. She is played by Ruthie Henshall.