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The Curse of Crowe
Curse of Crowe.png
Story information
Series: 2
Story: 4
Air date: 18/11/13 (Part 1)
19/11/13 (Part 2)
Key crew
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Mark Everest
Producer: Peter Bennett
Preceded by:
The Cave of Menla-Gto
Followed by:
The Thirteenth Floor

The Curse of Crowe is the fourth story of the second series of Wizards vs Aliens.


Part One

Teenage wizard Gemma Raven makes a terrible bargain with the Nekross – if they save her mother’s life, she will cast a spell strong enough to destroy Tom and Benny’s friendship forever! And when Ursula is drawn into the evil plan, she discovers that a fate worse that death awaits her, in the shape of the terrifying Neverwas.

Part Two

Tom and Benny suffer from Gemma Raven’s terrible curse – they hate each other, without knowing why. And the curse is spreading – their school friends are drawn into the conflict, and even their parents are at each other’s throats. Can friendship overcome the darkest powers of magic?