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The Daughters of Stone
Daughters stone.jpg
Story information
Series: 3
Story: 3
Air date: 10/11/14 (Part 1)
11/11/14 (Part 2)
Key crew
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Lee Haven Jones
Producer: Derek Ritchie
Preceded by:
The Quantum Effect
Followed by:
The Key of Bones

The Daughters of Stone is the third story of the third series of Wizards vs Aliens.


Part 1

Tom is contacted by Katie when something terrifies her grandfather at the spooky disused Blackberry Theatre. He doesn’t believe in ghosts but they discover something far worse – a Neverside Witch with wicked plans for the Magical Line Of Crowe.

Part 2

Tom is reunited with his long-lost grandfather who had been lost on the Neverside for 30 years. But can the wizards put aside their differences and save Ursula before Old Bethesta drains her of Magic and wakes her daughters from their sleep of stone?


Gilbert Lord is rehearsing some classic Shakespearean lines when he hears Old Bethesta reciting a curse (from Shakespear's Macbeth.) When he looks behing the curtain, he is shocked to find her there and screams.

Tom is on his laptop when Ursula comes in looking for her engagement ring. It turns out that it is on her opposite hand. Soon after, Tom recieves a call from Katie , telling him to come to the disused Blackberry Theatre, with something to do with her grandad.

Tom arrives where she immediately hugs him and explains what is going on.


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