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The Prospector
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The Surveyor

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Prospector of the Consolidation


The Consolidation

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The Secret of Room 12

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Alex Blake

Another alien species?!

The Secret of Room 12, Benny Sherwood

The Prospector is a mole-like alien being who works for The Consolidation, a interstellar corporation that extracts the core of a planet and sell it for a profit. Unlike the Nekross race, the Prospector can be affected by Magic.


The Prospector was tasked with taking Earth's core and selling it for a profit so he made a hyper-dimensional vault in Room 12 of King's Park High and started "recruiting" the school's teachers and students and also Michael Clarke in order to use their mental energy to power his pulse drill. Later, Michael's wizard son Tom and his friend Benny Sherwood arrived in the vault and were confronted by the Prospector who tried to recruit them but Tom was beamed up to the Zarantulus by the Nekross whilst Benny was able to escape. After being returned to Earth, Tom (with an explosive device on his wrist which would go off in thirty minutes) returns to the vault where the Prospector tries to get him to use his last spell on him, but Tom can't bring himself to do it and escapes. He returns shortly after with his grandmother Ursula and Benny where Ursula uses a fairy-witch love spell on the Prospector causing him to fall in love with her. Ursula then uses her second spell to create a clone of herself to lure the Prospector away from the vault, giving Tom and Benny enough time to free Michael and the teachers and students whom Ursula teleports them out of the vault with a Passing Charm and Tom turns himself into a mouse and is picked up by Benny and they get out leaving the explosive device behind which destroys the vault and returns Room 12 to it's original self. After learning about the Prospector's failure at extracting Earth's core, the Consolidation beam him away from the school. The Secret of Room 12


  • As noted by Benny's comment, the Prospector is only the second humanoid alien species to appear in Wizards vs Aliens after the Nekross themselves. Other alien lifeforms (Grazlax, Skorpulus, Eelix) appeared beforehand but are merely Nekron wildlife, with only Eelix possessing the ability of speech and limited intelligence.