Tracker Bot
General Information
Homeworld Nekron
Biology Type Drone
Evolution Status Technological
Series Information
First Appearance 100 Wizards

Tracker Bots are flying robots, able to track targets by eye. Tracker Bots are used by the Nekross to hunt down Wizardkind.

Biography Edit

Controlled by the Nekross, Tracker Bots are able to fly at great speed and chase their targets by eye. A more powerful version of the Tracker Bot is the Blaster Bot while smaller robots named Trackerbugs have been developed.

History Edit

Three Tracker Bots, operated by Zeta-Graal, were used by the Nekross to chase Tom Clarke, Benny Sherwood, Meg, Emma and Meg and Emma's mother. They were however malfunctioned by Benny's Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon. This resulted in Zeta-Graal being fed to the Skorpulus. 100 Wizards

When Jathro detected powerful magic coming from Randal Moon's location, Varg told him there was no need to send down the Tracker Bots, teleporting down to deal with the matter himself. The Cave of Menla-Gto

A group of Tracker Bots assisted Varg and some Nekross Guards in launching the assault on Tom's house. All Out War!

In Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr, Tracker Bots can be disabled by the EMP Cannon. A modified version of the Tracker Bot, named the Blaster Bot, is also used. Later in the game, the Tracker Bots can be hacked by Benny to open doors or activate switches. Wizards vs Aliens: The Eye of Bashtarr

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