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Tricia Sherwood
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Richard Sherwood

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Human (Unenchanted)



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Benny Sherwood


IT worker

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Grazlax Attacks

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Endless Night

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Nina Sosanya


Tricia Sherwood is the caring mother of Benny Sherwood, and the wife of Richard Sherwood, a computer expert.


At school, Tricia had stood out for being exceptionally bright and suffered bullying as a result of this. The Curse of Crowe

Tricia met Tom Clarke when he came round to Benny's house. When a Grazlax arrived and attacked the duo, Tom cast a spell to give Tricia and her husband Richard the idea that Benny's uncle was in need of them. Grazlax Attacks

When Gemma Raven used Magic to destroy Tom and Benny's friendship, Tricia was concerned to see that Benny was upset about school and offered to change his school. She told Michael Clarke to tell Tom to stop bullying Benny and told him Benny would be changing school. Following the reversal of Gemma's curse, Benny mentioned that Michael had invited Tricia to dinner with them, smoothing everything over. The Curse of Crowe

When the Nekross moved the moon closer to Earth, Tricia and her husband panicked and planned to live in the basement until the eclipse ended. They were both overjoyed when things returned to normal. Endless Night


Tricia loves her son and cares deeply about his happiness. She enjoys it when he has company. However, she does at times seem quite controlling of her son, keeping him within strict guidelines, like working with science constantly. However she always wanted to put Benny's happiness first. When she saw Benny was feeling down about school, she wanted to change his school to make him happy again and was willing to fight on his behalf by having a word with Michael. As someone who had suffered bullying when she was younger, she understood how being clever and different could make school life hard.