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General Information
Homeworld Neverside
Type Humanoid
Series Information
Notable Individuals Mervyn
First Appearance The Secret of Room 12

Trolls are magical humanoid creatures and are gatekeepers of Never-ways and are also inhabitants of the Neverside.


Being the gatekeepers of Never-ways on the border between the Neverside and the Dayside, Trolls can feed off a Never-way's magic for, sometimes, hundreds of years. The Thirteenth Floor

It is said that a Troll's breath is so bad that it could cause birds to faint and leaves to wither. They are also said to expect payment and have a very sweet tooth, having a particular love for toffees. Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside

A Troll's spit is used to make a Passing Charm. Puzzle Peril

Tom Clarke mentioned that Trolls were one of the creatures that Wizards had fought for centuries to protect the Unenchanted. The Secret of Room 12