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Varg's Vidcast
Varg Triumphant Tidings.jpg
Series information
Stories: 3 webisodes
Original run: 27/10/2014 -
Key Crew
Producer(s): Phil Ford
Preceded by:
Series 3
Followed by:
Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside

Varg's Vidcast is a mini-series of three webisodes set during Series 3. Each episode features Varg giving a video message to using Nekross technology and features clips from Wizards vs Aliens TV episodes. It was released every two weeks between instalments of Randal Moon's Creatures of the Neverside.

Webisode Guide

  1. Devious Dangers - Varg warns the Lady Lyzera of the threats presented by Wizardkind.
  2. Humanity - Varg gives a guide to the primitive species known as humanity.
  3. Triumphant Tidings - Varg sends a message to the Nekross King to celebrate Benny Sherwood's departure.


Each episode was released on the CBBC website following the broadcast of a TV episode.