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The Voolox.jpg
General Information
Homeworld Nekron
Type Machine
Evolution Status Technological
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

The Voolox is a possessive device which is used by the Nekross race. It can be controlled manually from the Zarantulus. It was equipped with invisibility and also a weapons system. All victims of the Voolox cannot remember what they have done upon release from its control.


Miss Webster was caught by one as it was transported down a radio-wave onto her back. She lost physical movement and voice allowing Varg, who was controlling the machine, to speak for her. However, it did copy her voice allowing the figure to be more believable. She was forced to pull fire-arms on Benny Sherwood inside a science laboratory in order to capture the magical ring. She did not succeed and the Voolox was sent back to the Nekross control room. Dawn of the Nekross

Several Human guards were taken over by Voolox devices. They attacked Tom Clarke and Benny Sherwood but were overpowered by Magic. The Last Day

Joseph Jacana and his daughter, Chipo Jacana and Bisme Jacana were taken over by Voolox devices. When Tom's house exploded, the Voolox devices were damaged, freeing the Jacana family of Nekross control. All Out War!


It is completely blue and is shaped like a lizard, but with longer arms and legs. It has a rigged neck, which is also long and reaches up the back of the head of its prisoner. Its arms wrap around the main chest, allowing it to hide behind the main frame of the person.