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Wizard Wipeout
Game Information
Produced by 4T2
Released 2012
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Wizards vs Aliens: Wizard Wipeout is an action game designed by 4T2 and based on the stories of Series 1 of Wizards vs Aliens. The game is no longer available to play on the official CBBC site.


Help Tom defend wizardkind and save the Earth! Create your own wizard, unlock new spells by collecting amber and avoid being captured by the Nekross. Play Wizard Wipeout now because Tom needs YOU!

Collect amber to unlock new spells, complete levels to advance, create your own wizard and gain achievements to become the ultimate spell slinger! You can always click on the ‘?’ button in the game for more help.


The player is directed by Randal Moon as they create a Wizard avatar, customising their appearance. The player then embarks on different levels, facing different enemies including the Nekross, Grazlax and Stephanie Gaunt.


  • When first released, the game was simply referred to by the CBBC website as The Wizards vs Aliens Game.