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Wizards vs Aliens Annual 2014
Book Information
Publisher Century Books
Release date 1st September 2013
Format Hardback 96 Pages
ISBN 978-1908497529

The Wizards vs Aliens Annual 2014 is an official BBC book based on Series 1 of Wizards vs Aliens containing fact files, activities, storybooks, posters and games. It was released by Century Books on the 1st September 2013.


The Official Wizards vs Aliens Annual

See two worlds collide with this fantastic annual. Featuring all your favourite characters from the sensational BBC series. It's bursting with fun activities, exciting puzzles and thrilling stories. Plus must know information about defending earth from magic-eating aliens.


  • Family Ties
  • Alien Technockery
  • Universe in a Jar
  • Unlikely Friendship
  • Benny's Big Quiz - Part 2
  • Coded Messages
  • Chamber Challenge
  • Build a Blaster
  • Grazlax Colour Copy
  • Lex-treme Close-up
  • Scrying Mirror on the Wall
  • Grazlax Attacks
  • Imagine the Skorpulus
  • Mr. Sherwood's Sudoku
  • Odd One Out
  • Benny's Big Quiz - Part 3
  • Bored Game
  • The Next Chapter
  • Answers