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General Information
Homeworld Nekron
Type Spaceship
Leader (s) Nekross King (Formerly)
Evolution Status Technological
Series Information
First Appearance Dawn of the Nekross

The Zarantulus is a spaceship controlled by the Nekross and commanded by The Nekross King and later his son Varg. Inside, it had a control room, a prison and a teleportation booth. The Nekross primarily remained on the spaceship as they fought the wizards below and then beamed those particular wizards up and extracted the Magic from them inside the Extractor, which also makes the wizard instantly become very old.

In the third series a new section is introduced, a Sorceress Zone where Lyzera, Varg's wife and the Queen Regent of Nekron secretly practises her magic. This turns the outer layer of the Zarantulus pink as opposed to blue.